Can anyone help me?

Ana on June 17, 2016, 11:36:59 AM
My husband died a couple of years ago leaving me and my daughter in a really bad position.  We couldn't afford to stay where we were living and had to ask for council housing. 

Anyway that was fine and I enrolled in an adult course at my local university in photography and I had some projects lined up in London after I graduated. 

The council transferred my property over to a housing association around christmas time and they said that I needed to move into a new place while they were doing renovation which I agreed to.  I moved into the new place and it was aweful.  There was damp everywhere and water dripping down from parts of the roof.  Slugs were all over the property and walles had been cut out with a saw and not fixed.  The place looked like a scene from the hostel films.  Anyway, I complained about the house the the council and they told me it wasn't their responsibility anymore and I had to speak to the housing association.  When I called them they said that they would look into it but after a week they did nothing.  I'm really worried about a fire because I think there are bare electrical wires.  Anyway I kept trying the housing association and they just said over the phone that they'll look into it and they do nothing.  This has gone on now for months and the only thing that has got better is the weather which as got rid of some of the damp problems. 

I'm really worried and this is affecting my studies and my daughter who is suffering at school because of it.  She's 15 now and I don't want it to affect her exams next year.

Please somebody, could you give me some help?  What are my options?

Becky on July 01, 2016, 09:33:14 PM
Hi Ana,

That sounds really bad. I feel really sorry for you.  Your council should have a duty of care to house you especially if you have children which you do.  Since the Tories cam to power in 2010 they sold off even more of the housing stock or took it out of local authority control. You should have the name of the housing association who is managing your property. 

The best thing to do would be to contact environmental health and the Health and Safety Executive who will arrange an inspection.  Do it asap because the conditions you describe are completely unacceptable.