About the National Renters Alliance

National Renters AllianceThe National Renters Alliance helps tenants and renters with common renting problems and bad landlords and letting agents. Services include helping renters recover money unfairly taken from deposits and help with property maintenance issues amongst other services.

Landlords and letting agents have always had an unfair advantage over tenants and renters which has only strengthened with housing crisis which is decades in the making. The National Renters Alliance has a cumulative experience of 20 years helping tenants and renters in both the private and social rental sector.

If your landlord or letting agent is not fulfilling their repairing duties as a landlord or have unfairly taken money from your deposit, contact us today and see how we can help you.

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One thought on “About the National Renters Alliance”

  1. Landlords and letting agents have got away with massive abuses for far too long. It is about time an organization was set up to deal with this and bring some decency back into the rental sector

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