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Agency Fees / Re: Agency Fees
« on: June 12, 2016, 11:44:43 AM »
Hi All, 

In Scotland letting fees and resigning fees are illegal I believe.  I'm not sure about England. I know thought that there's a campaign group called Generation Rent which is trying to have them abolished. It seems like a fools errand because of the massively entrenched position of landlords and buy-to-let in England.

I will share this with you all though,  A few weeks ago I used the NRA to help me recoup money taken from my deposit last year when I moved out of the house I was staying in when I was finishing my PhD.  The old agency also tried adding extra money for reference checks whilst also keeping £800 for professional cleaning which they always do.  What was fun was the template the NRA sent me to get the agency to waive the referencing cost.  They asked for a subject access request which we put through for £10 and the agency backed down. 

Just wondering, has anybody else tried this and what successes/failures have you had?

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