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Code of Ethics

The National Renters Alliance as an ethical business will always operate legally, morally and ethically to the highest degree. The NRA shall:

  1. Act fairly and reasonably in dealings with clients.
  2. Ensure that all services are offered to meet the needs of clients.
  3. Expend the utmost effort in providing clear, transparent, non-misleading and fair information to clients.
  4. Avoid any conflicts of interest.
  5. Where providing advice, only advise clients to pursue cases if it is in the interests of clients to do so.
  6. Preserve the confidentiality of claimants unless disclosure is required or permitted by law or by the claimant.
  7. Perform due diligence to ascertain the veracity of potential claims prior to raising a dispute.
  8. Where a claim is warranted to provide honest, comprehensive and objective written information to assist the client to reach a decision including the risks involved in making a claim, in particular the possibility of losing money and, in the case of legal action, appearing in court.
  9. Where services are provided they will be perfomed in a way that does not misrepresent, either by implication or omission, any term or condition or by whom the service will be provided.
  10. Advize clients on the proceedures that will be followed.
  11. Make clear procedures to follow in the event of a complaint.
  12. Treat all clients equally with respect regardless of their age, sex, race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

My landlord pulled out of my letting contract a couple of days before moving leaving me high and dry despite paying my deposit and us both signing contracts. Sorting this cost me considerable time and money which the NRA helped me with. They wrote the letters for me and the landlord agreed to pay me the costs I had to pay because of his breach of contract.

Nicholas Brown, London

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