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Repairs and Maintenance

Is your landlord not doing repairs?

Are your complaints about repairs being ignored?

Is your landlord trying to get you to pay for repairs they are required to do?

Housing repair disputes are some of most common tenancy disputes. Repair problems will affect most renters if they rent for any serious length of time under different landlords. Despite what many letting agents or landlords say, there are many clearly defined legal repairing and maintenence duties which your landlord or letting agent must fulfil. These include but are not limited to:

Sometimes disrepair may be so bad, for example with damp problems or electrical safety, that it may be necessary to involve Local Environmental Health or the Health and Safety Executive.

Many landlords and letting agents push these costs onto renters which they do not know how challenge or dare not to challenge due to the threat of retaliatory eviction. Also, it is quite common for contracts to be framed to try to shift your landlord's repairing responsibilites even if it contravenes Parliamentary regulation.

Does your contract say you are responsible for housing repairs?

Many landlords and letting agents try to force housing repairs onto tenants. In many cases these claims can be challenged even if they are stipulated in your contract. A general outline of your and your landlord's repairing responsibilities may be found in our frequently asked questions.

The National Renters Alliance team has over 20 years' experience of housing repair disputes in the social and private renting sector.

If you are having problems with your landlord or letting agent not doing repairs contact the National Renters Alliance today and see how we can help you.

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I moved to London last year to take up an IT contracting job on a large government project. I found a nice apartment but after 7 months the lift broke in the building and the landlord jacked up our maintenance fee yet took three months to repair it. He'd included a clause letting him do that in the contract. I forwarded this to the NRA who gave me some advice. I then challenged the fee with other residents and he backed down reducing fee without things escalating. It took us a couple more letters and he reimbursed all of us with the extra maintenance charged from the beginning.

John Balmer, Manchester

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