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General Discussion / Re: Damp issues
« Last post by NRA_ceb_2016_577 on June 13, 2016, 10:58:52 AM »
Dear Claudia,

The issue you have highlighted does indeed sound like it warrants investigation by your local authority's environmental health department. Damp is a serious public health issue and should be documented officially.  This will further assist you should your dispute escalate.  The council will make three copies of their report, one which will be given to you, the one will be retained by the council for their official records and the other will be sent to the letting agent or landlords with a summary of their findings. 

We have found that agencies and landlords take these letters seriously.  They may phone you though to ask why you contacted the council and not use them but considering your complaint about their unresponsiveness any pressure put on them is probably deserved. 

We can help with this process if you feel insecure about proceeding alone.  If you would like further information please contact us by phone or email us at

Kind regards,
General Discussion / Re: Repairs
« Last post by NRA_ceb_2016_577 on June 13, 2016, 10:53:09 AM »
Hi Jack,

There is quite a lot of legislation relating to the mutual obligations of Landlords and Tenant, most of which clearly stipulates the types of repairing obligations which fall to the landlord and tenant respectively.  Although it is not possible (or rather practical) to list ever repairing contingency which the landlord is responsible for in the legislation, the problem you described seems to fit well with exterior drainage which in all likelihood is your landlord's responsibility.  The National Renters Alliance regularly assists clients with repair matters and it is quite common for us to find clauses inserted into the shorthold assured tenancy agreement which attempt to shift repair obligations to the tenant. Typically these clauses are null and void and do not stand up to scrutiny if the dispute goes legal. 

If you would like us to look at your case in more detail please get in touch with us directly either by telephone or by email at

Kind regards,
General Discussion / Re: Damp issues
« Last post by Sara West on June 12, 2016, 10:09:41 PM »
Hi Claudia

I've had damp problems recently and my bathroom doesn't have an outside window either.  I've lived in the same place now for over a year and when we had our inspection at the end of the first year the workman sent by the agency said that the extractor fan and vent was full of mold and needed to be sorted.  I've been asking the agent for agent now to fix this because it steams up all the windows and is slowly rotting my clothes.  I'm thinking of paying for it myself then charging the agency. How should I go about it? 

Deposit Problems / Re: Letting agents issue re deposit
« Last post by alexH on June 12, 2016, 07:35:00 PM »
Where were you renting?  £500 doesn't seem very much for a deposit?  Anyway, £400 taken is still £400 more than they should have taken.  Did ou trash the place or clean it thoroughly?
Agency Fees / Re: Agency Fees
« Last post by alexH on June 12, 2016, 07:31:24 PM »
Did anybody else see the report in the Telegraph today about the bad landlord's register?  It was hidden pretty far down in the investing segment, I'll have a look and post a link to the article.  Apparently a motion is being discussed in the House of Lords about a register of bad landlords and agency fees.  I think it was brought in by the Lib Dems.  How likely do you think it will be for this to actually come into effect? 

On a side note, does anybody know what would happen if I get a friend to write a reference for me saying that I shared a flat with him as a lodger instead of paying the agency?
Deposit Problems / Letting agents issue re deposit
« Last post by wildingbe on June 12, 2016, 05:34:40 PM »
My letting agent has given me £100 out of £500 is this ok or is it wrong
General Discussion / Re: moved house
« Last post by john85_islington on June 12, 2016, 01:38:00 PM »

A lot of the time it depends on how soon you challenge.  It's sometimes easier with a letting agent if they're members of a letting agents scheme like NALA.  If your landlord or agent protected the deposit in one of the guarantee schemes you have three months after the moving date to file a dispute with them.  If it's any later or if the landlord never bothered with one of the schemes (naughty naughty) you'll probably have to go through the small claims court.  All depends really.  could you share any more info?
Agency Fees / Re: Agency Fees
« Last post by Sonya86 on June 12, 2016, 11:44:43 AM »
Hi All, 

In Scotland letting fees and resigning fees are illegal I believe.  I'm not sure about England. I know thought that there's a campaign group called Generation Rent which is trying to have them abolished. It seems like a fools errand because of the massively entrenched position of landlords and buy-to-let in England.

I will share this with you all though,  A few weeks ago I used the NRA to help me recoup money taken from my deposit last year when I moved out of the house I was staying in when I was finishing my PhD.  The old agency also tried adding extra money for reference checks whilst also keeping £800 for professional cleaning which they always do.  What was fun was the template the NRA sent me to get the agency to waive the referencing cost.  They asked for a subject access request which we put through for £10 and the agency backed down. 

Just wondering, has anybody else tried this and what successes/failures have you had?
General Discussion / Repairs
« Last post by Jack Robb on June 12, 2016, 11:07:08 AM »

I was wondering what I should do about my letting agent who is trying to charge me to have the gutters in the roof cleaned out.  They're trying to charge me £400 and possibly more since they say that the roof might need some more work.  According to the contract I signed it said that I had taken on a "full insuring and maintenance lease" and that the 1984 Landlord and Tenants Act didn't apply.  I'd really appreciate it if anybody could give me some advice. 

Agency Fees / Re: Agency Fees
« Last post by Xavi on June 11, 2016, 08:26:22 PM »

I am a Spanish living in London for a year to improve my English and the agent is charging me for extra things and does nothing, is not scam? I do not know how the lease works sector in this country but many of my Spanish friends complain about corruption, what can we do? Many people say that if the contract is written that there is nothing that can be done. that happens a little in Spain also with mobile phone contracts but what happens in Spain has nothing to do with the scams you see here
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